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I was not happy at 236 lbs and had talked to Dr Jaya about her program. It took me a while to convince myself to give it a try but after seeing a picture of myself at a New Years party I decided to give it a try. I started the last week of March 2023. Dr. Jaya has been supportive and encouraging. And in October of 2023 I reached my first goal of 195. I would and have recommended Dr. Jaya to my friends and to anyone who struggles with their weight.

brian s

I wanted a doctor that I could fully trust with my health and my best interest. That wouldn't sugarcoat things, give me false hope, feed me the "best product" bc it's the expensive one. I wanted a doctor that would help me better myself as a whole and help me get to my best self in a healthy manner and that's you ? I feel like you're always available for me and my questions and whatever else I may need when it comes to my health. I feel like myself again and I can't tell you how much that means to me physically and mentally and I can't thank you enough! ?

Sandy O

Dr. Jaya and team are amazing , very fast and efficient. Dr Jaya is so caring and up to date on all the things ! She is especially talented and invested in women's health. You will not be disappointed with this office .

Claire H

Only the best doctor around! After years of seeking solutions, she listened to me and put together a regime that actually helped. First time in years I feel better.

Brooke E

Dr. Jaya and LaShonda are both so amazing. You will not ever meet such a knowledgeable and caring doctor that cares for your needs. I've been searching for years and she is literally IT! I love them ?

Regal Nails

The staff was friendly and professional, and Dr. Jaya took the time to listen to my concerns and create a personalized treatment plan.

Jill B

Dr. Jaya is fantastic! She actually takes time to listen to her patients. Fast and efficient service - telehealth options are great too!

Courtnie C

Dr. Jaya is amazing! She is patient, kind, and knowledgeable. Ten out of ten highly recommend

Rebekah B

The Oui doctor has made getting my life back easy! The best around! Thanks Dr. Jaya for listening!

Annie A

I cannot stress enough what a valuable resource The Oui Doctor is! Her bedside manner/approach to patients is so great, as well as her availability and determination to share the resources and knowledge with our community. Her online resources are amazing!

Krystle B

The doctor and staff are friendly and helpful. The office has a fun and funky vibe overall. I liked it so much I applied for a job!


I am so happy that I made an appointment to see Dr. Jaya! She is so open and honest and you can tell that she truly wants to help you feel better! And LaShonda and Alyssa in the office are amazing too! Everyone makes you feel so welcome and they are all so eager to help you! I recommend Dr. Jaya 1000 percent! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment! Get your hormones checked! I left the office feeling hopeful that I might be able to feel better soon!

Chance D

Dr Jaya has helped me to lose 45 pounds, and gain back my mobility and joy in life again. Her and her awesome staff are always there to answer questions or help in any way they can! Love the direct shipping from pharmacy to my home and the telehealth appointments for my busy schedule! Thank you oui Dr you are a life saver!

DeeAnn V

Dr. Jaya and her team are amazing. Caring, insightful and open to helping you find the right solution for what ails you!

They've got the solutions and the network to help you implement them right away.

Joel S

I have been a patient of Dr. Jaya's since the beginning of my weight loss journey. And she is AMAZING!!!! She is always there when you need her and she will be your personal cheerleader / support person. She is the best ever!!

Sonia M

Dr Jaya and LaShonda are absolutely amazing! They are super sweet and very knowledgeable! They take the time to listen to YOUR needs. And they offer multiple options and events that allow you to find the best fit for your schedule. I tell everyone I can about them :)

Kim S

The Oui Doctor is the real deal! Dr. Jaya is caring and upfront and real about how she can help you and get you on your way to feeling yourself again. I totally recommend her and her team!

Jill E

I have enjoyed dealing with Oui Doctor and all of the staff, but Alyssa was an absolute joy. Everything about them was easy and fun.

George C

Dr. Jaya McSharma, LaShonda Bankhead and Alyssa Coggins are an incredible team at The Oui'd Doctor! Dr. McSharma's holistic approach, emphasizing wellness practices as well as using the latest in medicine to determine exactly the right solution for each patient, is unparalleled. In today's world of quick in-and-out solutions, Dr. McSharma is the best at taking the time to get to know, diagnose and treat her patients. She has helped both my husband and me to better sleep and better health.

Judy W

Extremely thorough and compassionate regarding women's health.

Tabatha T

Great service and attention. 100% recommend

George B

i LOVE jaya and her team so so much!!!

Allie D