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Servicing all 64 Parishes in Louisiana

We offer telehealth options and medications shipped right to your door

Enjoy Our Services With No Hidden Fees

We offer transparent pricing and have no insurance requirements

Oui Live to Serve Joy

Meet the team that is ready to listen

Are you tired of being told everything is normal when you KNOW something is off? Labs show that everything "looks" like you're supposed to be feeling great, but YOU KNOW BETTER. You finally found the clinic with a team of doctors ready to listen to you. From weight loss and medical marijuana recommendations to hormone balancing and sexual health - oui got you! Let us help you achieve a better quality of life today! Call 318-777-6843 to schedule an appointment. We are proud to serve Louisiana and Texas! Telehealth available.

See what makes us special

The Oui Doctor wants to make your life better however we can! You'll appreciate that we:

Have over 15 years of experience

Offer transparent pricing with no insurance requirements

Provide follow-up services and in-person visits

Whether you're looking for weight loss services or you're searching for insomnia relief, our medical professionals would love to help you achieve your goals!