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I'm the heaviest I've ever been

It's time to drop the weight - for good!

We got the shots, baby - and the highest quality ones at that! Losing weight doesn't have to feel like an impossible journey - The Oui Doctor has noninvasive weight loss methods for you! YOUR TIME IS NOW. Visit our brick-and-mortar clinics in Shreveport and Minden OR schedule a telehealth appointment from anywhere in Louisiana or Texas and get the medication shipped straight to your door! #PharmtoTable #Getit? #LikeFarmbutPharm #Okloveyoubye

"My weight was like an albatross around my neck. I was never NOT thinking about it. I would see myself in the reflection of the doors at Target and get depressed while I was shopping. YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE DEPRESSED AT TARGET! Semaglutide and Tirzepatide have changed my life, and I am taking all the lessons I have learned along the way and passing them onto you.
Life can look and feel different than it does right now - I am living proof of that!"
-Dr. Jaya

See Dr. Jaya talk about the first time she felt fat!